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Gymnastics Thursday 5:00 PM 4-6 Y

Gymnastics Thursday 5:00 PM 4-6 Y

45 Minute Ninja Class

Gymnastics class is structured to include fundamental exercises for motor skill development, specific movement principles taught using props and allowing students to follow multi-step directions using a gymnastics obstacle course.  

Benefits Include: 

Increased mobility and independence, enhances social awareness, provides sensory stimulation, increases confidence, fosters language development, encourages a healthy lifestyle, increases muscle strength and motor development, improves mood, strengthens the parent/child bond, allows parents to make meaningful connections

You will only be charged for sessions that your child is present at allowing for your child to not be charged for a session if sick or out of town. 

Please reserve and sign up for Date of Classes that you want your child to attend.

* If you are a first time student please fill out the release form found here: 

New Student Release Form