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Adaptogenic Mug Set (Large)

Adaptogenic Mug Set (Large)

This set includes a hand thrown mug by WV Potter Jim Hores with the following adaptogenic packets to drink in your new mug. 

- Chai Latte with Turkey Tail and Reishi 

- Golden Latte with Shiitakes and Turmeric  

- Raw Manuka Honey

- Dandelion Blend Instant "Coffee" Mix

- Moon Juice Beauty Blend 


Peacock Mug - 3" by 5.5"

Speckled Grey Mug - 3" by 5.5" 

Green & Blue Mug - 23" by 5.5"

White Mug - 3" by 5.5"

Disclaimer: All of the above packets contain active herbs that could interfere with medications or give an adverse reaction than intended and should be taken under the suggestion of your medical doctor.