Practical, Stylish take on Crystal Healing

Ideas on how to add healing crystals in a practical, stylish way and why it matters.

  1. Wearing Crystals. Healing crystals in the form of jewelry can add a stylish look and practical use. It also can make you feel more grounded and motivated. Try wearing Clear Quartz for clarity, or Hematite for grounding.
  2. After Workout Ritual. Wearing your quartz necklace for example after finishing a workout can help amplify your energy of intention. Visualize a path to a better future and clear any negative thoughts.
  3. Amplify Meditation. Placing Black Tourmaline, Selenite & Lepidolite around you after savasana can help ground your energy.
  4. Decor. Having crystals along a window or on your desk can help remind and redirect your thoughts to stay motivated and positive towards your intentions.

Hope everyone stays Happy and Healthy!

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