Let’s Think about Kale Again

Wellness Wednesday allows for a friendly reminder that nutrition and wellness can keep us healthy and happy, so HAPPY NATIONAL KALE DAY!
Kale might have had its 15 minutes of fame but it’s still king of health food. It’s among the most nutrient-dense foods out there, a plant-based source of calcium, loaded with antioxidants and a super source of Vitamin C. Making this leafy green a great addition to a Fall soup recipe.

Here are a few sneaky places that you can add Kale to a recipe or that you can think of this leafy green in a new way so it can be a happy addition that is tasteful and nutritious.

  1. Throw it in a soup or stew. It’s the best green to add to a soup where it has longer cook time.
  2. Add to a smoothie. Blend with the liquids to make it a sneaky nutritious addition.
  3. Saute with a new flavor.You can begin to enjoy the taste of kale when for example massaged with avocado oil, spiced with garlic and paired with pine nuts.
  4. Try a new type of Kale. There are all kinds of kale out there, but Dinosaur Kale is a great swap.

Hope everyone stays Happy and Healthy!


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